Sinohydro Awarded Metolong Dam Construction Contract

On Monday 8th August 2011, Metolong Authority signed a contract with Sinohydro Corporation Limited for construction of the Metolong Dam and Raw Water Pump Station. The twenty-seven month contract is funded by the Saudi Fund for Development, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development to the tune of USD79, 991,160.20 (Approximately 540 million Maloti).

Construction of the Metolong Dam represents a major milestone in the realisation of the Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme. It is also key to the Lesotho Government’s commitment to improving access to clean water for the people of Lesotho. The Metolong Programme will not only enhance much-needed water supply for domestic use for Maseru and the surrounding towns but will also stimulate Lesotho’s economy as reliable water supply will lead to continued development of the manufacturing and textile industries, leading to job creation, food production and poverty alleviation.

The Dam which will be built on the Phuthiatsana River in the Thaba-Bosiu area, will be 73 metres high, have a crest length of 210 metres and a reservoir capacity of 53 million cubic meters of water. It will provide 75,000 cubic metres per day of water to the Raw Water Treatment Works which will in turn supply clean water to Maseru and the surrounding towns of Roma, Mazenod, Morija and Teyateyaneng.

In addition to the institutions funding the Dam, the Metolong Programme is co-funded by the Government of Lesotho and other development funders comprising the Government of South Africa, the World Bank, the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the European Investment Bank.

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