Construction of project access roads, power supply, water and sanitation systems, telecommunications and construction of camps and operational facilities to support the civil works activities.

Construction of a 73 metre-high roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam with a 210 metre crest length, 53m m3 reservoir capacity and a multi-stage raw water intake and pump station. The dam will be adjacent to the villages of Ha Seeiso, Metolong and Ha Makotoko on the South Phuthiatsana River, about 35km from Maseru.

Construction of a 75ML/day water treatment plant and ancillary facilities which include a raw water transmission main and a high lift pump station for the treated water.

Construction of transmission pipelines, reservoirs and other ancillary facilities to convey treated water to Maseru, Morija, Mazenod, Roma and Teyateyaneng.

Execution of a comprehensive environmental and social mitigation and monitoring programme including cultural resources management and development, land acquisition and …

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