Metolong Programme Implementation Unit awards Advance Infrastructure Phase 2 contract to the Lesotho Waterworks Joint Venture

On June 2nd 2009, the Metolong Programme Implementation Unit (MPIU) signed a Contract with the Lesotho Waterworks Joint Venture (LWJV) to undertake the Master Planning, Detailed Design, Tender Documentation, Procurement and Construction Supervision for the second Phase of the Advanced Infrastructure required to serve the Metolong Dam, Water Treatment Works and Conveyance System works currently being implemented under the Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme (MDWSP).

The LWJV comprises SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants of South Africa, their mother company, DHV of the Netherlands, Jeffares & Green Consulting Engineers of South Africa and GWC Consulting Engineers of Lesotho. Town Planning and Architectural services are being provided by Lesotho-based sub-consultant Peter Hancock & Associates.

Through the MDWSP, (as part of the larger Lowlands Bulk Water Supply Scheme) the Government of Lesotho aims to increase the bulk potable water supply system serving the capital city of Maseru, the National University town of Roma, other towns of Mazenod, Teyateyaneng and Morija, as well as many of the smaller settlements in the same region. This will secure water supplies in the medium to long term to the existing and potential industries in the area, as well as to some 700,000 people. The total estimated cost of the works to be undertaken under the above programme in this zone is US$ 280 million.

The MDWSP is being co-funded by the Government of Lesotho, the Government of South Africa, the World Bank, Kuwait Fund, BADEA, Saudi Fund for Development, the OPEC Fund for International Development and the Millennium Challenge Corporation of the USA, which is also providing a Project Management Unit to support the MPIU.

The Advance Infrastructure to be constructed under this Contract will include planning, design and construction supervision of extensions to the existing main access road, a visitors centre, a commercial centre development area, contractors construction camp, permanent operational staff housing, water supply, power and sanitation reticulation, local telecommunications systems, wastewater treatment plant, solid waste management, improvements to local rural access roads, pedestrian footbridges and a vehicular bridge across the inundated area of the dam, and refurbishment of some police stations, clinics and post offices. These engineering services will be supported by a geotechnical investigations programme, land surveys, and an EIA team will prepare Environmental Management Plans for all aspects of the works. The design phase of the LWJV contract will be completed within 5 months. Thereafter, construction supervision during the implementation phase will take a further 18 months.

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