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Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme

Maseru, Lesotho’s capital city has in recent years undergone rapid urban growth which has put a strain on resources such as water. Currently, Maseru’s water supply system which caters for both domestic and industrial needs is overstretched and there is a pressing need to adopt measures to augment supply to the fast growing city and neigbouring towns.

The Lesotho Lowlands Water Scheme (LLWS) was established within the Ministry of Natural Resources to address water shortages in Maseru and other lowland districts.Central to the LLWS is the Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme (MDWSP).
Tertiary pipelines, Water and Sanitation (WATSAN 2), Rural Electrification will be implemented in around seventy villages at a later stage.


Metolong Authority

The Government Lesotho established an independent statutory entity called Metolong Authority through the Metolong Authority Act, 15 of 2010 (MA Act) to implement the MDWSP.

Prior to the enactment of the MA Act the Minister of Natural Resources, based on the power vested in him by the Constitution of Lesotho, established the Metolong Programme Implementation Unit (MPIU) and appointed the Board of Directors as an interim measure to oversee the implementation of the MDWSP. When the MA Act was enacted, provision was made for the establishment of the Board of Directors (the Board). The roles and responsibilities that were carried out under the MPIU were transferred to the MA.

Metolong Board of Directors
The Board operates as an autonomous body with overall decision-making authority on the MDWSP. It generally has power to establish the underlying standards and principles by which the MWSP is executed. The Board has a wide base containing nine voting members representing relevant Government bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations, the Metolong Community and the business community. It also comprises the environmental, financial and legal experts.

The MA management is led by the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the MA is supported by a core team of technical staff to deliver the Programme. The team comprises of Engineering, Planning, Procurement and Contracts, Environmental and Social Impact and Community Relations, Finance, Human Resources and Administration, Public Relations, IT and Legal Services Units and a Documents control section. The CEO has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the MA. He acts as the primary point of contact for the Programme and has the overall responsibility for managing outside relationships and promoting necessary inter-governmental and community coordination;

Metolong Programme Management Unit
Under the direction of the CEO, a professional engineering firm, working as the Metolong Programme Management Unit (MPMU), has been hired to carry out day-to-day management of the technical aspects of the Programme. The team comprises of the Team Leader, Deputy Team Leader, Dam Coordinator, Water Treatment Works and Downstream Conveyance System Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators, Advance Infrastructure Coordinator, Procurement and Contracts Specialist, Finance Specialist, Programme Controls and Environmental and Social Management Specialists and others. Furthermore, the Engineering and Environmental activities of the programme are evaluated and monitored by independent Panel of Experts. The study, design, construction, monitoring and evaluation of the various components of the Programme are carried by various Consultants and Contractors.