The Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme (MDWSP)

is aimed at increasing access to water and improving the reliability of water supply to urban and peri-urban areas in Maseru and the neighbouring towns of Roma, Morija, Mazenod, and Teyateyaneng. The MDWSP was identified as the least-cost, long-term solution to supply water to meet increasing demand and support continued economic growth in the above mentioned towns. 

Components Of The Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme (MDWSP)

Advance Infrastructure

32 km North Access Road
10 MVa Power Supply
30 m3 per day water and sanitation
12 km South Access Road
Bulk Power Supply

Metolong Dam

Height – 83m
Crest width – 270m
Capacity – 63 million cubic metres
Reservoir length – 13.5 km
Elevation – 1671 m ASL

Water Treatment works(WTW)

Capacity – 75ML per day (average), 94ML per day (peak) 700m Raw water pipeline from reservoir Treated water pump station 2.5 km Treated water pumping main 40ML Command Reservoir

Downstream Conveyence System (DCS)

36 km line to Maseru
63 km line to Roma, Mazenod and Morija
25 km line to Teyateyaneng

Environmental and Social Management Programme

Resettlement and Compensation
HIV/AIDS Management Programme
Integrated Catchment Management
Instream Flow Requirements and Aquatic Systems
Cultural Resources Management
Communications and Community Participation
Construction Monitoring Programme
Water and Sanitation Services (WATSAN)
Rural Electrification